Strengthening My Credibility and Prove My Claim Through the Use of Charts and Graphs

I want to be able to strengthen my credibility and help my readers understand that something needs to change, and in order to do so I will be using charts, graphs, and visual aids, to emphasize the larger picture. I am strong set on my topic which is based on the idea that media is hurting our society, and I believe that in using some extra visual aids, I will be able to create a strong and clear argument! My plan is to use photos of ads in order to show how the media presents people and using bar graphs to show the growth of eating disorders with the growth of media outreach.

The use of graphs, charts and other visual aids in research a research paper is the most helpful when trying to really bring a point across to your readers. In using charts graphs and other visual aids you are making what could be endless reading of statistics and facts into a well-organized and manageable layout. For example, you can easily emphasize correlations, such as when one thing goes up another goes down, and with this the reader can see just how important your information really is. In using these correctly you can strengthen your credibility giving your paper that much more strength. As stated in Chapter 9 of Writing Arguments 9th Edition, on page 204 to 206, you can use pie charts, line graphs, and car graphs to focus on a key part of telling a story through numbers. A good example of chart use I found was for water and how much people use it in different places.

I wish to accomplish my goals of strengthening my point and my credibility through the use of visual aids and with that I know I will be able to help my readers see that the media is truly hurting our society in more ways then one.


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